Jessica Lange Biography

Jessica Lange Biography

Jessica Lange embarked on her illustrious acting journey after transitioning from her initial career as a model. Her breakout role came in the 1976 mega-hit film “King Kong.” Over the years, her remarkable talent garnered critical acclaim and accolades. In 1982, she earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for her role in “Frances” and secured a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her exceptional performance in “Tootsie.” Her remarkable acting prowess was once again recognized with another Academy Award, this time in the Best Actress category, for her remarkable portrayal in “Blue Sky” in 1994.

Lange’s repertoire of work is studded with numerous noteworthy projects, including “A Streetcar Named Desire” (1995), “A Thousand Acres” (1997), “Normal” (2003), “Grey Gardens” (2009), and her mesmerizing involvement in “American Horror Story” (2012). She has earned recognition for her versatility and unwavering commitment to her craft. a well-deserved Tony Award in 2016 for her contribution to the Broadway revival of “Long Day’s Journey Into Night.” Jessica Lange’s enduring impact on the world of entertainment continues to captivate and inspire audiences around the globe.

Jessica Lange Early Life

Jessica Phyllis Lange came into the world on April 20, 1949, in Cloquet, Minnesota, where she was the third of four siblings. Her parents, Dorothy Florence and Albert John Lange, held respective roles as an educator and a salesman. The dynamics of her family were marked by frequent relocations, a result of her father’s ever-changing job assignments, which led to a somewhat nomadic lifestyle. In her recollections, Lange would later describe their existence as akin to that of “gypsies.”

Remarkably, instead of resisting the transient nature of her upbringing, Lange wholeheartedly embraced the allure of wanderlust. Even during her early years, the world beckoned to her with its allure. By 1967, when she embarked on her academic journey as an art student at the University of Minnesota, her aspirations extended far beyond the horizon.

The turning point in Lange’s life occurred in the spring of 1968. Before completing her freshman year, she crossed paths with Paco Grande, a 24-year-old photography professor. Love blossomed between the two, and it ignited a passion for adventure that would define their future. Lange and Grande made the bold decision to abandon their studies, embarking on an odyssey that took them across the United States and Europe. They led a life predominantly on the road, living out of Grande’s van, and in the process, Lange had the opportunity to immerse herself in the company of Grande’s friends from the film industry. Their journey led them back to Minnesota briefly in July 1970, where they sealed their commitment with marriage, forever linking their destinies in the pursuit of a unique and unconventional path.Following their nuptials, the adventurous newlyweds relocated to the vibrant landscape of New York City, where they eventually found their niche within the artistic enclave of SoHo. While Paco Grande continued his involvement in various film projects, Jessica Lange artistic journey took an intriguing turn. Enthralled by the captivating world of French cinema, she resolved to explore the realm of mime.

In 1971, Lange embarked on a transformative journey, crossing the Atlantic to the enchanting city of Paris. There, under the tutelage of the esteemed mime instructor Etienne Decroux, she delved into the intricacies of this expressive art form. Her two years of dedicated study with Decroux not only honed her skills in mime but also ignited a new and profound passion for the craft of acting. With this newfound inspiration, Lange returned to the bustling streets of New York in 1973, resolute in her pursuit of a career in the world of film, ready to leave her indelible mark on the industry.

Jessica Lange Personal Life

Jessica Lange’s personal life has been as intriguing as her professional journey. In 1970, she exchanged vows with photographer Francisco “Paco” Grande. However, their union faced challenges, leading to a separation in the mid-1970s and ultimately culminating in divorce in 1981.

During the period from 1976 to 1982, Lange found herself in a relationship with the renowned ballet star Mikhail Baryshnikov. This romance resulted in the birth of their daughter, Aleksandra “Shura” Baryshnikov, in 1981.

In 1982, a new chapter in Lange’s personal life began when she entered into a relationship with the multi-talented actor and playwright Sam Shepard. Over the years, their partnership bore the fruits of parenthood, as they welcomed two children, Hannah (born in 1985) and Samuel (born in 1987). However, their journey together faced challenges, and in 2009, they decided to part ways. The public announcement of their separation was made in 2011, marking the end of a significant chapter in Lange’s personal life.

Beyond her illustrious acting career, Jessica Lange has also showcased her talents in the world of photography. She has authored two captivating photography books, “50 Photographs” and “In Mexico.” Additionally, in 2013, she ventured into the realm of children’s literature with the release of “It’s About a Little Bird,” a charming and imaginative children’s picture book, further demonstrating the depth and diversity of her artistic endeavors.

Jessica Lange Television Career

In 1992, after making a notable foray into television with “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” Jessica Lange took on the starring role in a television adaptation of Willa Cather’s “O Pioneers!” Her performance earned her a Golden Globe nomination, adding to her growing list of accolades.

In 1995, Lange made waves by reprising her stage role as Blanche DuBois in a television production of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” This remarkable portrayal not only secured her a Golden Globe but also marked her first Emmy Award nomination, a testament to her extraordinary talent. The 2000s brought more nominations her way, particularly for her roles in HBO films such as “Normal” and “Grey Gardens.” It was the latter, based on the 1975 documentary of the same name, that clinched Lange’s first Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie.

Lange’s career reached new heights with her involvement in the FX series “American Horror Story,” which she joined in 2011. This groundbreaking show not only revitalized her popularity but also reaped critical acclaim. It earned her an additional Emmy and Golden Globe, as well as her first Screen Actors Guild Award. She continued to be the leading figure in the show’s subsequent seasons, amassing further praise and awards nominations while consistently setting ratings records.

In a parallel endeavor, Lange took on a captivating role in another FX anthology series called “Feud,” where she portrayed the legendary actress Joan Crawford opposite Susan Sarandon, who portrayed Bette Davis. This program garnered immense acclaim, accompanied by a plethora of awards nominations.

Even in 2018, Jessica Lange made a compelling return, this time in a guest role on the eighth season of “American Horror Story,” showcasing her enduring presence in the world of television and cementing her status as a celebrated and accomplished actress.

Jessica Lange Film 90s

Jessica Lange embarked on the 1990s with a standout performance in “Men Don’t Leave,” a role that garnered her significant acclaim. Her cinematic journey continued with two notable collaborations alongside the iconic Robert De Niro: first in Martin Scorsese’s remake of “Cape Fear” and then in Irwin Winkler’s reimagining of “Night and the City.”

In 1994, Lange’s remarkable talent shone once again, earning her a sixth Academy Award nomination and a second Oscar win, this time for her portrayal of a manic-depressive army wife in “Blue Sky,” a film in which she shared the screen with Tommy Lee Jones. This achievement was followed by a string of acclaimed performances in films such as “Losing Isaiah,” “Rob Roy,” and “Cousin Bette,” further solidifying her status as a powerhouse in the world of cinema.

In 1999, Lange continued to captivate audiences with her role in the William Shakespeare adaptation “Titus,” where she portrayed Tamora, the Queen of the Goths, and received yet more accolades and strong reviews for her exceptional contributions to the world of film.

Jessica Lange Film 2000s and 2010s

During the 2000s, Jessica Lange primarily embraced supporting roles on the silver screen. Her career during this period saw her collaborating with fellow actors and actresses in a diverse array of projects.

In 2001, she shared the screen with Christina Ricci in the screen adaptation of the memoir “Prozac Nation.” Subsequent credits included her appearances in films like “Masked and Anonymous,” “Big Fish,” “Broken Flowers,” and “Don’t Come Knocking.”

Lange’s filmography in the 2000s encompassed a wide range of genres and stories. She was part of the fantasy drama “Neverwas,” the dramedy “Bonneville,” the romantic drama “The Vow,” the crime drama remake “The Gambler,” and the comedy “Wild Oats.” Her versatility and willingness to take on supporting roles further highlighted her enduring commitment to the art of acting.

Jessica Lange net worth

Jessica Lange is a renowned American actress with a well-deserved net worth of $20 million. Her distinguished career has been marked by exceptional performances in iconic films such as “Tootsie,” “Frances,” “Crimes of the Heart,” “Blue Sky,” and “Big Fish.” Notably, her contributions extend to the realm of television, where she made a significant impact through her roles in the television movie “Grey Gardens” and her captivating presence on the FX horror anthology series “American Horror Story.”

Lange’s accolades and achievements are a testament to her extraordinary talent. In addition to her Oscar wins, she has secured Emmy, Tony, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Awards, underscoring her status as a multifaceted and highly acclaimed actress in the world of entertainment.


Name: Jessica Lange

Birth Year: 1949

Birth Date: April 20, 1949

Birth State: Minnesota

Birth City: Cloquet

Birth Country: United States

Gender: Female

Best Known For: Jessica Lange is an award-winning American actress best known for her roles in ‘King Kong,’ ‘Tootsie,’ ‘Grey Gardens,’ and ‘American Horror Story.’

Industries: Television, Photography, Comedy, Drama, Theater, and Dance

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Schools: University of Minnesota

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