Lupita Nyong'o Biography

Lupita Nyong’o Biography

Lupita Nyong’o embarked on her acting journey in her teenage years in Kenya, showcasing early promise that eventually led her to contribute to the production of the acclaimed film, “The Constant Gardener.” Her multifaceted talents extend beyond acting, as evidenced by her directorial and production endeavors in the albinism documentary “In My Genes” and her compelling performance in the TV series “Shuga.”

Nyong’o’s breakthrough came with her unforgettable portrayal of Patsey in “12 Years a Slave” (2013), a role that earned her the prestigious 2014 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Building on this success, she graced the screen in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and took the stage in the Off-Broadway production of “Eclipsed” the following year. Her star continued to rise with a prominent role in the groundbreaking superhero film “Black Panther” (2018), contributing significantly to its box office success. Nyong’o’s artistic versatility and impactful performances have firmly established her as a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment.

Lupita Nyong’o Early Life

Lupita Amondi Nyong’o entered the world Born on March 1, 1983, in Mexico City, Mexico, to Kenyan parents. parents who had temporarily sought refuge from political repression and unrest in Kenya in 1980. Her father, Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, served as a guest professor at the esteemed El Colegio de Mexico during this period. Nyong’o, the second of six siblings, proudly identifies as Kenyan-Mexican, holding dual citizenship in both Kenya and Mexico.

Shortly after her birth, the family’s trajectory shifted when her father assumed a professorship at the University of Nairobi, prompting their return to Kenya while Lupita was still an infant. This early chapter in her life laid the foundation for the diverse cultural influences that would shape her identity and contribute to her later global success in the world of film and entertainment.During her teenage years, Lupita Nyong’o actively participated in local productions in Nairobi, showcasing her early passion for the performing arts. Her formal entry into the realm of professional acting occurred at the age of fourteen when she delivered a compelling performance in the Nairobi-based company, the Phoenix Players’ production of “Romeo and Juliet.”

After completing her secondary education at St. Mary’s School in Nairobi, where she earned an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in 2001, Nyong’o took her artistic aspirations to the United States. She pursued higher education at Hampshire College, dedicating herself to the study of film and theatre. This educational journey laid the groundwork for her future accomplishments in the global cinematic landscape.Lupita Nyong’o initiated her foray into the entertainment and film industry by contributing to the production crew of several notable films, including “The Constant Gardener” (2005) directed by Fernando Meirelles, “The Namesake” (2006) directed by Mira Nair, and “Where God Left His Shoes” (2007) directed by Salvatore Stabile. Her exposure to these projects served as inspiration, prompting her to embark on her own creative ventures.

In 2008, Nyong’o took center stage as she starred in the short film “East River.” Simultaneously, she returned to her native Kenya, making her presence felt in the television series “Shuga.” Demonstrating her diverse talents, she took on the roles of writer, director, and producer in 2009 for the documentary “In My Genes,” a poignant exploration of the albino population in Kenya, which went on to claim the top prize at the Five College Film Festival.

Expanding her artistic horizons, Nyong’o directed the music video for “The Little Things You Do” by Wahu in 2009, earning a nomination In 2009, they were nominated for the Best Video Award at the MTV Africa Music Awards. Despite her burgeoning success, Nyong’o remained committed to her craft, enrolling at the prestigious Yale School of Drama in 2009 to pursue a master’s degree in acting, further solidifying her dedication to honing her skills in the dramatic arts.

Lupita Nyong’o Hollywood Career

Post-graduation from Yale, Lupita Nyong’o swiftly catapulted into the Hollywood spotlight, securing her breakthrough role that would define her career—she Landed the role of Patsey in the critically acclaimed film “12 Years a Slave.” (2013), under the direction of Steve McQueen. Nyong’o’s Hollywood debut was met with resounding acclaim, propelling her into the echelons of stardom and garnering her multiple award nominations.

Her extraordinary performance as Patsey earned her nominations for esteemed accolades, including a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress, a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. Notably, Nyong’o clinched the pinnacle of recognition by winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. This historic achievement marked her as only the sixth black actress to receive such an honor, positioning her as the first African actress and the first Kenyan actress to ever claim an Oscar—a testament to her exceptional talent and trailblazing presence in the world of cinema.Following her triumphant debut, Lupita Nyong’o continued to make waves in the film industry. She assumed a supporting role in the film “Non-Stop” (2014), showcasing her versatility in different genres. Building on this momentum, Nyong’o secured a co-starring role in the blockbuster “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (2015), embodying the enigmatic space pirate Maz Kanata. Notably, her portrayal in “Star Wars” involved cutting-edge motion capture technology and CGI, underscoring her adaptability and commitment to pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling.

In 2015, Nyong’o returned to her theatrical roots, gracing the stage in a production of Danai Gurira’s play “Eclipsed” at The Public Theater in New York City. The production achieved unprecedented success, becoming the fastest-selling new production in the venue’s recent history. Its popularity led to a move to Broadway, premiering at the John Golden Theatre the following year. “Eclipsed” made history as the first play to debut on Broadway with a cast and crew entirely composed of black women, cementing Nyong’o’s role not only as a formidable actress but also as a trailblazer in promoting diversity and representation in the theater.In 2016, Lupita Nyong’o graced the screen once again with her talents, lending her voice to The adaptation of “The Jungle Book” in live-action/CGI format,” a reimagination of the classic 1967 animated film. In this captivating rendition, Nyong’o brought life to the character of Raksha the wolf, showcasing her ability to seamlessly transition between different storytelling mediums.

Continuing her impressive filmography, Nyong’o co-starred in the 2016 film “Queen of Katwe,” directed by Mira Nair. The film compellingly narrates the true story of Phiona Mutesi, a Ugandan chess prodigy, highlighting Nyong’o’s commitment to portraying inspiring narratives on the big screen.

Nyong’o’s association with the “Star Wars” universe persisted as she reprised her role as Maz Kanata in two significant projects: the film “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (2017) and the animated series “Star Wars Forces of Destiny” (2017-2018). Her consistent presence in this iconic franchise underscored her enduring impact in both live-action and animated realms of storytelling.

In 2018, Lupita Nyong’o elevated her status in the entertainment industry by joining the esteemed ranks of A-list stars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her portrayal of Nakia in the Marvel superhero film “Black Panther” showcased not only her acting prowess but also her commitment to authenticity in her craft. To prepare for the role, Nyong’o immersed herself in the character’s world, learning to speak Xhosa and undergoing rigorous training in judo, jujitsu, silat, and Filipino martial arts. The film emerged as a monumental success, and Nyong’o’s stellar performance earned her a nomination for a Saturn Award for Best Actress.

Nyong’o continued to captivate audiences with her diverse talents in subsequent films, including “Little Monsters” (2019) and the psychological thriller “Us” (2019). Her cinematic journey in 2019 also included a reprisal of her role as Maz Kanata in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” In addition to her on-screen contributions, Nyong’o lent her compelling voice to the documentary series “Serengeti,” which aired on the Discovery Channel, further showcasing her versatility as a performer.

Lupita Nyong’o Personal Life

Beyond her linguistic versatility, being fluent in English, Swahili, Spanish, and Luo, Lupita Nyong’o has established herself as a dedicated philanthropist and advocate. Her commitment to various causes is reflected in her involvement with prominent organizations, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation, where she contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage. Nyong’o is also actively engaged with WildAid, an organization dedicated to wildlife conservation and anti-poaching efforts.

In addition to these endeavors, she extends her support to Mother Health International, an organization focused on providing healthcare and maternity services to women in areas affected by disaster, poverty, and conflict. Nyong’o’s multifaceted contributions both on and off the screen underscore her commitment to making a positive impact on the world, reflecting her dedication to social and environmental causes.

Lupita Nyong’o Net Worth and income

Lupita Nyong’o, the accomplished Kenyan actress and music video director, has amassed a notable net worth of $10 million. Her prominence in the film industry is underscored by starring roles in acclaimed films such as “12 Years a Slave” (2013), “Black Panther” (2018), and “Us” (2019). Nyong’o has not only achieved financial success through her acting career but has also secured substantial earnings from high-profile endorsement deals.

Since 2014, Nyong’o has served as a brand ambassador for Lancôme, endorsing their skincare and makeup lines. Her association with prestigious brands extends to her role as the face of Tiffany & Co.’s “Legendary Style” campaign in 2016, and collaborations with the renowned Italian fashion brand Miu Miu. Nyong’o’s influence extends beyond the realms of entertainment and fashion; she has actively participated in advocacy campaigns, notably partnering with WildAid to promote elephant conservation in Kenya.

Nyong’o’s endorsements have not only contributed to her financial success but have also solidified her status as a style icon and a role model for women worldwide. Her multifaceted career reflects a balance of artistic achievement, business acumen, and a commitment to social and environmental causes.


Name: Lupita Nyong’o

Birth Year: 1983

Birth Date: March 1, 1983

Birth City: Mexico City

Birth Country: Mexico

Gender: Female

Best Known For: Lupita Nyong’o is an accomplished international filmmaker and actress, celebrated for her Academy Award-winning portrayal as Patsey in ’12 Years a Slave’ and her notable role as Nakia in ‘Black Panther.’



Astrological Sign: Pisces


Yale School of Drama

Hampshire College


Kenyan (Kenya)


Interesting Facts:

Lupita Nyong’o holds both African and Latin American nationalities, as she was born in Mexico while her family has Kenyan heritage.

She shares the same ethnic identity as President Barack Obama, as both come from the Luo community through their fathers.

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