The Challenge' Star Nelson Thomas Faces DWI Charges After Near-Fatal Car Crash in March

The Challenge’ Star Nelson Thomas Faces DWI Charges After Near-Fatal Car Crash in March

Nelson Thomas, a 34-year-old Challenge alum, has been formally charged with a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense by the Austin Police Department, approximately six months after his near-fatal car crash. The confirmation of this legal action was provided by Us Weekly on September 28.

In March, Thomas experienced a harrowing accident, where he was rescued from a burning vehicle by Minnesota Vikings player K.J. Osborn and three courageous strangers. The reality star suffered an ankle injury in the incident, necessitating multiple surgeries.

Unfortunately, despite the surgeries, Thomas’ ankle failed to heal properly even after seven months. Consequently, he found himself in a dire situation, with the looming possibility of amputation.

In September, a visibly distressed Thomas shared his struggles in an emotional Instagram video, revealing that his ankle had not healed as expected. The bone had rebroken and was out of place, causing excruciating pain. His doctor informed him that he was in the “salvage stage” and presented two options: amputation or ankle fusion surgery, a procedure that fuses the ankle bone into one piece, commonly used to treat arthritis according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Thomas, reluctant to undergo another surgery, sought a second opinion and consulted three specialists. Eventually, he decided to explore an alternative approach and opted for stem cell therapy. Expressing his apprehension about further procedures, he chose to undergo treatment in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, hoping for a positive outcome and relief from his suffering.

In an October Instagram Reel, Thomas announced his decision, expressing gratitude for the support he received throughout his journey. He credited his faith and the people who stood by him, including his medical team led by @dr.akhan. Thomas eagerly anticipated moving forward with the procedure, conveying his excitement with a touch of humor and enthusiasm as he prepared to travel to Mexico. His caption reflected his optimism and determination, signifying a new chapter in his quest for recovery.

Thomas initially gained recognition on MTV’s “Are You the One?” during its third season. He later ventured into the Challenge franchise in 2016, participating in nine seasons of the competition series. Despite reaching the finale twice, victory eluded him. Notably, he holds a unique record for the most consecutive daily challenge losses by a male contestant, totaling 54 challenges.

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