Susan Sarandon Biography

Susan Sarandon Biography

Susan Sarandon is an esteemed American film actress who embarked on her acting career following her collegiate years. In 1975, she secured a pivotal role in the iconic cinematic masterpiece, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Her remarkable talent and dedication culminated in her triumphant Academy Award win for her stellar performance in “Dead Man Walking” in 1995. Furthermore, her cinematic prowess has been consistently acknowledged with prestigious Oscar nominations, notably for her roles in “Atlantic City” (1980), “Thelma and Louise” (1991), “Lorenzo’s Oil” (1992), and “The Client” (1994). Her illustrious filmography also encompasses acclaimed works such as “The Witches of Eastwick” (1987) and “Bull Durham” (1988), cementing her legacy as an iconic figure in the world of cinema.

Susan Sarandon Early Life

Born on October 4, 1946, in the vibrant metropolis of New York City, Susan Abigail Tomalin was nurtured in the nurturing embrace of a Roman Catholic household, nestled in the heart of New Jersey. Amidst a bustling family of eight siblings, her formative years were marked by a strong sense of faith, fostered by her attendance at Catholic schools from a tender age. The seeds of her eventual success were sown in this environment.

Susan’s familial roots were intertwined with the world of media and advertising, as her father distinguished himself as both an advertising executive and a television producer. This upbringing set the stage for her remarkable journey into the realm of film and entertainment, where she would go on to achieve acclaim and recognition as the iconic actress we know today.Following her high school graduation in the year 1964, Susan ventured into the world of higher education, enrolling at The Catholic University of America, where she embarked on a journey into the art of drama. Under the mentorship of the renowned coach Gilbert V. Hartke, she honed her craft, dedicating herself to the pursuit of theatrical excellence. This period of her life culminated in the attainment of a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama, a testament to her unwavering commitment to her chosen path.

To support herself financially during her college years, Susan undertook roles as a hairdresser and a housecleaner, demonstrating her determination and work ethic in the pursuit of her dreams.

During her time at college, Susan crossed paths with Chris Sarandon, with whom she would later form a marital bond. Upon their union, she adopted the name Susan Sarandon, a moniker she would retain even after their eventual divorce. This stage name would become synonymous with her illustrious career in the world of acting, an enduring emblem of her talent and contributions to the art of cinema.

Susan Sarandon Early Career

Susan Sarandon’s foray into the world of cinema commenced in 1970 with a significant role in the film “Joe.” Here, she portrayed a young woman who becomes entangled in the grim realities of drug use and moral decline, marking her arrival on the cinematic stage.

Throughout the early 1970s, she diversified her acting portfolio by venturing into the realm of soap operas, gracing shows like “A World Apart” and “Search for Tomorrow” with her talent and presence.

In the mid-1970s, Susan made a triumphant return to the silver screen when she joined the cast of the iconic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” This cult classic opened doors to leading roles in films like “The Great Waldo Pepper” and “Pretty Baby,” further establishing her as a prominent figure in the world of cinema.

As the 1980s dawned, Susan Sarandon’s star continued to rise, as her remarkable talent earned her coveted Academy Award nominations for her performances in films such as “Atlantic City,” solidifying her status as an actress of immense skill and acclaim.Susan Sarandon continued to captivate audiences and challenge conventions with her diverse choice of roles. Notably, she made waves with her appearance in the provocative erotic horror film “The Hunger,” where she shared a daring lesbian love scene with Catherine Deneuve, pushing boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape.

As the 1980s drew to a close, Susan’s career trajectory soared with her notable role in “The Witches of Eastwick,” a film that garnered praise from critics and underscored her ability to shine in various genres.

However, it was in 1988 that Susan Sarandon firmly etched her name into the annals of cinematic history with her critically acclaimed performance in “Bull Durham.” This sports-themed masterpiece not only earned her widespread recognition but also proved to be a resounding commercial success at the box office, cementing her status as a true luminary in the film industry.

Susan Sarandon Personal Life

Susan Sarandon’s personal life has been marked by notable relationships and family milestones. Her first marriage was to actor Chris Sarandon, lasting from 1967 to 1979. From this union, she became the proud mother of three children. Eva, her daughter, was born from a relationship with filmmaker Franco Amurri. Additionally, she has two sons, Jack and Miles, whom she shares with actor and director Tim Robbins. The union between Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins was a significant chapter in her life, spanning 23 years, until their separation in the summer of 2009, marking the end of an enduring partnership.

Susan Sarandon Success

Susan Sarandon’s career in the 1990s and 2000s was marked by a series of captivating performances that earned her critical acclaim and solidified her status as a Hollywood powerhouse.

In the 1990s, she received Best Actress nominations for her compelling work in “Thelma & Louise,” a timeless cult classic, as well as for her roles in “Lorenzo’s Oil” and “The Client.” However, it was in 1995 that she reached the pinnacle of her career, clinching the Academy Award for her role in “Dead Man Walking.” In this thought-provoking film, she portrayed a compassionate nun who visits a death row inmate, delivering a performance that left a lasting impact on audiences.

Sarandon’s filmography throughout the 1990s included a diverse array of roles in films like “White Palace,” “Stepmom,” “Little Women,” “Anywhere But Here,” and “Cradle Will Rock,” showcasing her remarkable range as an actress.

The 2000s saw Susan Sarandon maintain her influence in Hollywood with a string of notable roles in movies such as “Igby Goes Down,” “Bernard and Doris,” “The Banger Sisters,” “Shall We Dance,” “Alfie,” “Romance & Cigarettes,” “Elizabethtown,” and “Enchanted,” further attesting to her enduring talent.

One of her standout films during this period was “The Lovely Bones,” a supernatural thriller directed by Peter Jackson. This haunting tale, while dividing critics, received recognition in the form of several awards. In addition, she shared the screen with her real-life daughter in “Middle of Nowhere,” a coming-of-age comedy released in 2008, further adding depth to her impressive and diverse body of work.In the 2000s and 2010s, Susan Sarandon expanded her artistic horizons by making notable appearances in television and film, while also leaving her mark in voice acting.

During the 2000s, she graced several popular television shows with guest-starring roles, including “Friends,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “30 Rock,” “Rescue Me,” “Mike & Molly,” “Chappelle’s Show,” “Mad TV,” and “Saturday Night Live.” She even lent her distinctive voice to two episodes of “The Simpsons.” In addition to her on-screen work, Susan became a celebrated narrator, contributing her voice to over 24 documentaries, many of which explored pressing political and social issues. Her hosting abilities were also on display as she presented PBS’ “Independent Lens” and “Mythos,” further showcasing her versatility in the entertainment world.

Transitioning into the 2010s, Susan Sarandon continued to make her presence felt on the small and big screens. She starred in an HBO pilot for “The Miraculous Year,” although the series was not ultimately picked up. Throughout the decade, she graced films such as “Arbitrage,” “Tammy,” and “The Meddler,” keeping her film career vibrant. Notably, she continued her venture into voice acting, landing a significant role in the video game “Dishonored.” Towards the end of the decade, she made an impact in the first season of FX’s “Feud,” ensuring her enduring relevance and influence in the world of entertainment.

Susan Sarandon Relationships

Susan Sarandon’s personal life has been marked by a series of significant relationships and family milestones. Her first marriage to Chris Sarandon took place in 1967 but eventually came to an end in 1979.

Following her divorce, she found herself in the company of notable celebrities like David Bowie and Sean Penn, adding to the intrigue of her personal life.

However, it was her long-term relationship with filmmaker Franco Amurri that brought a new chapter to her life. This partnership resulted in the birth of their daughter, Eva Amurri, who later embarked on her own journey as an actress.

In 1988, Susan Sarandon entered into a substantial relationship with actor and director Tim Robbins, which lasted for an impressive 11 years. During their time together, they welcomed two sons into the world.

After parting ways with Tim Robbins in 2009, Susan’s romantic journey continued with Jonathan Bricklin, marking the next chapter in her life’s story. Her life has been a tapestry of experiences and connections, both in her professional and personal spheres, reflecting the rich and diverse path of a seasoned and accomplished individual.

Susan Sarandon Net Worth

Susan Sarandon’s immense talent and dedication have indeed translated into a remarkable net worth of $60 million, a testament to her enduring success in the entertainment industry. She is a distinguished actress who has left an indelible mark on Hollywood, earning accolades such as the coveted Academy Award and the esteemed Screen Actors Guild Award.

Her extensive and diverse filmography spans decades, showcasing her versatility and skill in various roles. Susan Sarandon’s impact is not confined to the big screen; she has also graced the theater stage with her remarkable acting abilities and made memorable appearances in television series, earning multiple Emmy nominations.

Beyond her acting career, Susan Sarandon is a dedicated political activist, committed to making a positive difference in the world. Her philanthropic work has earned her numerous awards and recognition, reflecting her passion for social and political causes that extend beyond the realm of entertainment. Susan Sarandon’s life and career are a testament to her multifaceted talents and her unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact on the world.


Name: Susan Sarandon

Birth Year: 1946

Birth Date: October 4, 1946

Birth State: New York

Birth City: New York City

Birth Country: United States

Gender: Female

Best Known For: Susan Sarandon is an Academy Award-winning American film actress celebrated for her roles in films such as ‘Bull Durham,’ ‘Thelma and Louise,’ and ‘Dead Man Walking.’








Astrological Sign: Libra


Catholic University of America

Edison High School

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